Version : 4.3.0
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YetiForce is a high-class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that helps to manage relations with customers, suppliers, partners and staff. It’s an open, innovative and complex system that has become the key to efficient management within a company. The software has a positive impact on all business activities - from marketing, sales, support, project management and services. The main goal of the software is to help companies improve relations with existing clients and manage the process to attract new customers. By reducing the struggle to keep track of an overload of information, an easy to use solution improves relationships and boosts the company's profits.

  Space Required : 80.03 MB

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  Reviews : 11

  Release Date : 29-12-2017

  • 100% free open source software
  • Highest code quality in compliance with global standards
  • Operational at full performance with over +12000 users
  • Intuitive navigation with responsive menu
  • Over 70 user modules and configuration panels
  • Email Automation and tracking with Roundcube
  • Customer, sales, lead, logistic and inventory management
  • Calendar, Contacts, currency exchange
  • Built-in notification by email and/or SMS
  • Invoicing
  • PDF and excel generator
  • Analytics with sales forecasting
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Time Control
  • Integration with LDAP, DAV, PBXManager and Open Street Maps
  • Customizable
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