Register Nameservers (DNS) - how to?

To clarify, this is about creating nameservers, not about assigning existing nameservers to your hosted domain.

We also offer domain registration services, and our registration services include the free creation of nameservers. Of course, you can also register your domains elsewhere, or create your own eNom Domain registration reseller account (see here, Section #2: 

If your domain is registered with us, in order to set up nameservers, login to your billing/admin control panel at: Then go to "Domains" and click onto the small arrow icon right of the domain name that you want to use as a nameserver domain. At the bottom of the upcoming page, click on "Register Nameservers." Add e.g. "ns1" (and/or "ns2" after that), and the IP we or your host assigned you for this purpose. It will take about 24 to 48 hours for nameservers to propagate.

There are many registars in the world with different panels, however we have provided a simplistic explaination of how to register your name servers. You will have to login to your registrar and find the area where you can specify both of your custom name server addresses as well as where you can associate them with IP addresses on your VPS. Once found, use the next two IP addresses after your main IP and assign one of them to your NS1 and the other to your NS2. Example scenario: x.x.x.12 is your main IP. You would use .13 and .14.

After adding these custom nameservers to your domain registrar control panel, it will take 24 to 48 hous for your domain to delegate authority to your DNS server. Once this has taken effect, your DNS server has control over the DNS records for the domains which use your custom name server addresses

We can also set these up for you. Just open a ticket up and provide the login to your register and the domain you would like it to be setup with.

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